Data Centres are critical service projects requiring expert, collaborative, responsive and dependable support. For highly innovative and ambitious clients our team profile and work methods will ensure that we are both risk and opportunity aware.

We have consolidated our team with the integration of Gilligan Architects, which was founded by David Gilligan in 1991 and has since built an exceptional reputation as a trusted partner for global clients in the field of Data Centre design. Henry J Lyons is perfectly placed to provide the breadth of expertise, scale, resilience and flexibility of resources suitable to the demands of this sector: management of complex briefs and critical infrastructure, rapid delivery, international reach and responsiveness. Our technology sector will be led in our Dublin studio by David Gilligan (Sector Director) and Fernando Girbal (Sector Associate Director) and in our Cork studio by Pat Hogan (Director), all of whom have many years of experience in this specialisation.

The Data Centre sector is a vibrant industry with a demand for design and engineering services and has continuing Government support as a National strategic priority. Ireland has also established itself as a project base for development in Europe and beyond, offering additional potential for Irish companies with the required skills and knowledge.

The design of Data Centres needs to respond to different operational and commercial demands, such as: owner-user, co-location and hyper scale developments. Their complexity varies depending on a number of factors, including operational resilience as defined by the Uptime Institute tiers 1 to 4 classification, site features and constraints, ventilation/cooling strategies, and operational and security requirement etc.

Current trends are influenced by the increase of virtualisation, the internet of things, the mainstreaming of artificial intelligence, the demand for “edge” provision, a drive for more efficient and sustainable approaches and a highly competitive market. The scale of this data revolution is phenomenal and how it is managed will be essential to continued, sustainable development.

Paypal, Dundalk
SIG International House, Dublin
Interxion Data Centre, Dublin
Eirgrid Control Centre, Dublin


Henry J Lyons' teamwork is formed from a culture of engagement with our clients' project goals and vision, promoting awareness for opportunity and advancement.

Our Data Centre architects have vast experience in the delivery of facilities across this range of scale and complexity, and have made remarkable contributions in masterplanning, design strategy and architectural technology innovation under the following work streams:

  • Site feasibility, site planning and optimisation.
  • Delivery of planning and development objectives.
  • Stakeholder brief integration.
  • Management of design risk and opportunities.
  • Phasing and live campus strategies.
  • Design coordination and clash avoidance.
  • Architectural design enabling efficiencies to structural, mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Challenge of baseline designs to promote efficient, demand controlled and energy recovery options.
  • Strategies for effective adaptive reuse of existing facilities.
  • Coordination of value-adding and innovation effort of design and construction teams.
  • Specification and procurement of systems and products to aid programme, value engineering and the delivery of sustainability targets.
  • Promotion of modular and off-site construction.
  • Building envelope efficiency – energy transfer, air and water tightness.
  • Tailored fire safety strategies aiming to maximise white space and functional efficiencies.
  • Landscape, ecology and environmental design integration.
  • Management of compliance and certification.
  • Facilities management and ease of maintenance.

With a rich legacy characterised by a collaborative, evidence-based approach to design and delivery, Henry J Lyons now has 210 architects and support personnel, providing a range and depth of experience in nearly all aspects of building design and construction. The practice is committed to continual improvement, fostering a spirit of innovation while striving to embrace new methods of construction and technology.

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