Royal College of Surgeons - New Academic Building

​The new academic building at No.26 York Street builds on 200 years of excellence and innovation in medical training.

The brief demanded a highly complex programme of spaces on a compact urban site including technically advanced simulated environments for clinical and surgical training as well as a new library, auditorium and sports facility.

Underpinning the College’s historic presence on St. Stephen’s Green, this ten storey building negotiates the planning height constraints encountered in the historic city core by incorporating four basement levels.

Client Royal College of Surgeons
Year 2017
Location Dublin, Ireland
Size 11,155m²

Spatial variety supports the diverse demands of healthcare education.

Two separate atria provide clarity of orientation and spatial organisation, while themes of transparency, openness and collaboration contribute to a redefinition of the traditional boundaries of the library. The resultant spatial variety supports the diverse demands of healthcare education while encouraging social interaction and promoting the human skills required to be an excellent medical practitioner. 


Materials were chosen for both robustness and visual congruity.

Polished terrazzo is common to circulation spaces tying the floors together and drawing light deep into the plan.  Exposed concrete in various finishes reveals the structural anatomy of the building. Colour and texture is introduced to differentiate between key functions and assist with wayfinding. The overall composition fuses precise and clinical detailing with a comfortable and inviting spatial environment to enhance the educational experience.