One Molesworth St.

Carefully sculpted to sit comfortably within the historic context.

One Molesworth Street is a new mixed-use office and retail development which has revitalised its surrounding area and set a new benchmark for design in the Irish property market. This distinctive building has been carefully sculpted to sit comfortably within the historic context while at the same time presenting a strong modern civic identity. The whole building, inside and out, is executed to the highest quality with materials that include Portland stone, bronze, travertine and onyx. The office spaces are designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility with compact central cores and bright, open column-free floor-plates.

Client Green REIT PLC
Location Dublin 2
Year 2018
Size 12,756m²

Each facade reflects the particular characteristics of the streets onto which it faces. To reflect Dawson Street’s animated, active and commercial nature the facade facing onto this frontage is open, light and completely glazed. It is given richness and depth by means of a ‘floating’ filigree metal framework which cantilevers forward from the main facade and contains a rhythmic series of full height laminated glass fins. The fins are further articulated by a delicate, triangular frit pattern which dances up and down the glass and is at its most striking after dark when it radiates in the glow of the full length facade up-lighters.

The Molesworth Street elevation is solid and punctuated by a regular series of vertical widow openings. When viewed obliquely, the deep stone window reveals provide this elevation with a monolithic appearance in keeping with the neighbouring Georgian architecture. These two contrasting elements are carefully blended into a cohesive whole by means of the rich bronze coloured elements which run throughout to unify the entire design, from the carefully crafted surrounds of the ground floor shop-fronts to the elegantly chamfered framework of the set-back office levels above. 


Dramatic stonework, chamfered points frame the Dawson Street elevation.

The lightness and precision of this detail is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the contractors involved. The design arrives from a rigorous understanding of how the architecture is constructed. At a detailed level, there is a focus on the innate characteristics of materials, how they meet at surfaces and corners, and how they are actually installed.

The triple height bronze clad recess at the centre of the Molesworth Street elevation announces the main entrance to the office reception area. The entrance, which is entirely glazed and transparent encourages engagement with the street, allowing full visibility to the entire reception. Recessed within the bronze clad flanking walls are folding gates that provide night-time security creating visual stimulation but also transparency. Intricately designed with a repeating pattern of three dimensional bronze elements, the gate is in effect a functioning work of art.

Effectively integrating the principles and synergies of low-impact development, achieving LEED Platinum rating.

The building minimizes its impact to the environment by featuring rainwater harvesting, as well as high efficiency HVAC, lighting and water fixtures to reduce the use of natural resources. Only refrigerants with minimal environmental impact run through the cooling systems. An intensive green roof promotes local biodiversity, while retaining storm water - thus reducing the burden to sewage systems. One Molesowrth Street is also supplied with clean, green energy. A careful material selection and procurement ensured that the building was constructed maximizing recycled content and regional sourcing, reducing the overall carbon footprint. 

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