CRH wins client of the year - Fit out Awards 2017

Henry J Lyons has spent the last 3 years working with CRH on their workplace transformations. These transformations form part of the One CRH programme. This has seen Henry J Lyons take part in the design of what will be on completion over 250,000 ft.² of new working environments in six locations, on three continents. These projects will represent the consolidation of multiple locations, working styles, and brands into environments that are open, collaborative, progressive and are designed to help CRH attract, retain and develop the best talents across the globe.

CRH Projects

Global HQ - Stomemasons Way Dublin [50,000ft2]February 2016
European HQ - Amsterdam Zuid [60,000ft2]June 2017
London - The Strand [5,000ft2]June 2017
Asia Pacific - Singapore [5,000ft2]September 2017
New York - 6th Avenue [13,000ft2]In design
US HQ - Atlanta Georgia [TBC}In design
CRH Stonemansonsway Dublin
CRH Stonemansonsway Dublin
CRH London
European HQ - Amsterdam